IGGY 10 IG10C4
IGGY 10 IG10C4
IGGY 10 IG10C4
IGGY 10 IG10C4
IGGY 10 IG10C4
IGGY 10 IG10C4


Were you a fan of its ultra-slim and gentle good looks?

Discover the acetate version of Iggy through 5 new shapes!

Subtle and varied colour combinations:

the fronts are gently graduated,

or come in original tortoiseshell / solid pairings

in delicate and subtle shades.

Tones and materials are replicated in the long endtips

for perfect harmony.


A small and elegant detail:

a hint of gold can be seen through the thin temple and riveted hinge.


Available in panto, hexagonal and rectangular forms, the angles are soft and the shapes contemporary.

Lightness and comfort are the key concepts of the brand,

and as usual they make perfect companions

in this colourful and harmonious frame!

acetat and stainless steel
Clean with soapy water and wipe with a soft cloth.
"sépia" brown - "magenta" pink



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