Oxibis® is the story of two Haut-Jura natives: entrepreneurs at heart and passionate about eyewear, they decided to shake up the conventions of the eyewear industry by offering an explosion of colours with unique style.

For 30 years, the brand has been the youngest sibling of the historical Haut-Jura firms. But its boldness, expertise and professionalism quickly turned it into one of the biggest French eyewear manufacturers!

The jura,
where the french eyewear industry originated

Nestled between Switzerland, Burgundy and the Rhône-Alpes region, the Haut-Jura has been the jewel of the French eyewear industry for hundreds of years. Combining generational know-how and advanced technologies, this area has a worldwide reputation in the eyewear industry.

Map of France showing the Jura in the east.
Black and white photo of the Oxibis brand’s two directors, Daniel Arnaud and Jérôme Colin, smiling.


This is the eyewear environment that Daniel (optician) and Jérôme (frame maker) grew up in.

Their adventure began in 1992!

The two natives of the area decided to join forces to bring colour and creativity to eyewear: Oxibis® was born!

All of our collections are designed by our in-house design unit.

Patented hinges, specially designed cuts, hollowed rims, dual-material temples and so much more. As well as their unique colour combinations, every Oxibis® model offers an eye-catching difference!


At Oxibis®, quality isn’t optional; it plays a central role in the development of our frames, from the designer’s choices, approved through stringent testing, to the finishes applied to our products.

Close-up of hands working on a frame