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We sometimes get asked if you can buy our products online or in a factory store. We’ve chosen to market them exclusively through our partner opticians; they play an important role, giving advice on styling and all questions related to lenses. Thank you for your understanding on this, and we invite you to visit your optician!

You’ll find this information at your optician’s ;)

Depending on the level of service they offer, prices may vary slightly from one store to another.

It’s true that it’s rare or even impossible for an optician to have our complete collection in store. And that’s to be expected as it consists of several hundred product references! So you have several options:


Head over to an optician that sells the brand. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the models on display, they can show you other shapes and colours using specially designed materials. => To find an optician, fill out this form!


Navigate to the Collection tab on this website where you can check out all of our current collection.


Happy exploring!

That’s a great question! In fact, the difference isn’t so obvious.

Your pair of frames includes a frame and lenses.

- As eyewear manufacturers, we draw, design and make the frame.

- The lens maker designs and manufactures the lenses.

- After discussing your needs with you, carrying out all the tests and taking all the necessary measurements, the optician mounts the lenses in the frame to give you a pair of frames fully adapted to your vision and your style!

Historically, the Haut-Jura is the birthplace of French eyewear.

It was the first area to produce eyewear on an industrial scale in the 19th century.

Metalwork was the specialty of Jura craftsmen, first with nails and then with frames made from metal wire.

The profession grew very quickly and in 1900 Morez was established as the capital of French eyewear!

Since then, the industry has developed considerably and is constantly innovating to offer the market products that combine multi-generational expertise with cutting-edge technologies.


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We believe that the choice of a material should be determined by a combination of comfort and looks. 

At Oxibis®, we mainly use 3 materials, which have been tried and tested for use in optics: 


Acetate :

mostly used for the fronts and endtips of our frames, our cellulose acetate is made up of 75% cotton fibre and 25% plasticizer. A premium material thanks to its transparency, feel and infinite colour possibilities.


XP2 :

a high-strength polymer used in surgery and the aviation industry, we mainly use this material for its long-term stability, lightness and wide colour range.

A great idea: our XP2 is now made up of 60% castor oil, a natural and bio-sourced material! 


Inox :

Stainless steel: 

a metallic material mainly used for its strength and lightness.