Transparent materials, delicate decoration and dazzling colours... But don’t be fooled – we’re not on the bench of a Murano glassmaker, but right here at Oxibis!

In this collection, acetate proudly shows off how varied and creative it can be:

-         A matching translucent acetate front is inserted onto a palladium, gold or coloured metal frame.

-         Thanks to recessing across the thickness of the frame, the front naturally creates a butterfly shape.

-         Subtle pad-printed graphic decoration is repeated over the outer wing of the front.

-         The endtips also feature colour and transparency: coordinated with the front, they terminate in a matching-tone or contrasting collage.

-         And for a final subtle little detail, a coloured border adorns the top of the endpiece.

Volumes, shapes, transparent materials, colours and decoration... Murano – feminine and colourful elegance by Oxibis!

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